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Bitches love me 'cause...

Name: Elinor
Age: 16
Sex: female
Location: baltimore, MD
Single or taken, (pictures please): taken ^_^

Substances of choice (if any): Candy.
Sexual prefence: Straight.
Hobbies: Knitting, writing, graphic design (icons, banners, etc for LJ).

Five Favorites:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl (mm piratey)
2. An Inconvenient Truth
3. Leon, the Professional
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. Mrs. Henderson Presents
Bands or artists:
1. Mark Knopfler
2. The Nields
3. Gaelic Storm
4. Dido
5. Cake
1. The Count of Monte Cristo (currently reading) by Alexandre Dumas
2. Master and Commander and the rest of the series by Patrick O'Brian
3. I, Robot by Issac Asimov
4. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein
5. Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse

School & Education: Completely necessary, for the furtherment of the population. Seriously, children need to be educated to suceed in today's life, and the lack of proper funding for city schools (at least in my area) is horrid. I'm unbelievably grateful to be able to attend the school I do, because I know I'm getting a good solid education that'll help me get on through life. My school is a bit nuts (the most famous activity this year was the "Faculty Death Match" where a large group of students showed up every day at lunch for a week to vote on hypothetical teacher-cage-death-match situations), but it's really great. I love going, I love being there, and I love learning stuff.

Everyone really deserves to get a good base education, and kids who drop out early (the legal age is 16 to drop out in Maryland) really miss out on better jobs, better income, and better lives. It's a good thing.

Open/Long distance relationships: Open relationships I know very little about. I think as long as both (or all) party members are aware and willing to be flexible, it's totally cool. It might not be for me, but I'm not going to stop other people. As for long distance relationships, I'm about to experience that. My boyfriend is going to college next year, and even though he won't be that far away, it's going to be tough. And they are hard, especially if it didn't start out long distance. There's a need for contact in my life, even just hugs, that would be particularly hard to do without in a serious relationship.

Premarital sex: Well, I'm a fan. I'm not a virgin. I thought about keeping myself "pure" until I got married, but it's hard, and when you're young, horny, and in love, it's even harder. I've never had more than one partner (see above...), and so, yes, go ahead and have sex. But, you know, be safe, and be healthy. I'd only have sex inside a strong relationship. Unless all I was looking for was sex. Which it's not, happily.

Abortion: It needs to stay legal, to stay safe. Women don't seek abortions like an "oops, hold on!" kind of birth control. Women seek abortions like an animal in a trap. Okay, a fetus is killed. But could it have lived on its own? No. There are more eggs, more sperm, more heartbeats in the world. Contraceptives should be supplied more readily instead of abortion being banned, because banning abortion won't keep the number of unwanted pregnancies down. Contraception, and sex ed, will. Someone doesn't want an abortion? Don't have one. But their views shouldn't be forced on the rest of us who would like to keep women safe, and their rights intact.

Substance addictions: Well, it sucks. People who want/need treatment should be able to get help. In Baltimore, they have this really controversial thing called The Needle Exchange, where clean, sterile hypodermic needles are provided in exchange for used ones, no questions asked. The point is to cut down on swapping of needles, and thereby the passage of the HIV virus, but the problem people have with it is that it's not doing anything to help the city's heroin addiction. My opinion on the Needle Exchange is this: we have to deal with one problem before we can tackle another one. The drug trade sucks, but so does having AIDS.

Promote us in at least 3 different places and give us the links.

3+ pictures of yourself:

Vaguely new haircut!

I'm wearing a hat.

Still wearing a hat.

With my boy, fondling wool at the Sheep and Wool festival.
1-3 pictures with family and/or friends:

Me and my dad. He's a bit nuts.

That's me, downstage centre. In the pirate outfit.

A 200x200 picture for the members page:

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